Making tire transportation happen

The rapidly developing tire market is encouraging international brands to seek out locations that are capable of ensuring the efficient production o§f transport systems


According to Precedence Research, the global automotive tire market size, valued at USD 115.07 billion in 2019, is expected to surpass USD 157 billion by 2027. One of the leading automotive tire markets is Europe, where due to the increased sales of passenger vehicles, long-term growth is forecast. This, in turn, will translate into the need to develop tire transport systems. However, the growing competitiveness of the market is motivating global manufacturers to seek out locations and business partners who will be able to ensure the smooth implementation of complex projects in this field.


“We can see increased interest from companies looking for subcontractors for the implementation of complex transport system projects. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the number of companies in Western European countries that are able to produce a lot of conveyors in a short period of time is decreasing. Customers located in high-cost countries such as Finland, the Netherlands, or Germany do not have their own factories. Because of this, their attention is increasingly focused on Poland, which has a strategic position in the creation of new global supply chains, including the tire market”, explains Tomasz Duda, Vice-President Global Sales Transsystem.


In case of tire transport, companies are looking for partners who can provide high-quality support for the production of individual components of the entire system. The choice is based on several factors, primarily the know-how of the partner and their track record in completed projects.


”A company’s reliability, credibility, and proven track record underpins the guarantee that the system will be, without any delays, successfully implemented. Flexibility and openness to changes in the production process, as well as the ability to react quickly to proposed corrections, are also crucial. This translates into effective system preparation, which is key as time is a priority for every company in case of transport, regardless of the industry”, adds Tomasz Wyskiel, Tire Business Unit Manager.


Time is money


Clients are looking for a subcontractor who, based on the provided requirements, can deliver software, detailed design, as well as having the ability to purchase components and assemble them into a complete system. An example of a company which can provide such support is Transsystem. As a rule, the Transsystem team is responsible for a wide range of tasks, from carrying out necessary measurements to risk management. (Read more: Why the tire industry needs a specialized tire and wheel handling systems supplier?) However, Transsystem’s extensive know-how allows the company to focus specifically on one particular phrase – its production.


„Our knowledge and project portfolio means that time-consuming technical discussions about the system can be avoided. We know the market, the specifics of the components, we can predict possible risks, and we rely on our own production and resources. As a result, a project’s implementation time can be significantly reduced”, adds Krzysztof Bieniek, Manager of Technical Department.


… and money is a priority


It usually looks like this. The client provides the layout of the system, including basic information about the transport system – a defined number of devices, the length of the entire line, safety requirements, etc. All these variables allow for an assumption of the budget necessary to implement the project.


“Rarely does the estimated cost decrease – the project develops and usually the final cost is simply higher. On the other hand, the appropriate knowledge, and extensive experience of the company responsible for production, allow for the budget to be kept under control”, explains Agnieszka Bawor, Project Manager in Tire Business Unit.


For the end customer, the price is crucial. Unfortunately, cost optimisation often has an impact on the quality of the system. The simplicity of production, less expensive technical solutions, or the possible use of component replacements means that costs can be reduced but at an increased risk of downtime.


„Our role is to propose solutions which will translate into an efficient transport process and will not generate additional costs in the future, for example, due to the necessity to order spare parts other than those used in the end customer’s factory. There is no room for long stoppages in factories. Everything has to work efficiently and effectively, and if a fault occurs, the line has to be operational again within 10 minutes”, adds Łukasz Toboła, Project Engineer in Tire Business Unit.


This is why, before the system is handed over to the customer, Transsystem tests all delivered elements.


„Our specialists build a special testing line from components which will be used in the project. They move the tested element to the right, left, and use horizontal curves to check for technical errors. Only after the design has been checked, can we proceed to produce the required number of pieces. Our quality control department ensures the project meets the correct parameters at every stage of production. At the very end of the process, specialists from various areas – designers, mechanics, and electricians – are involved in testing. These steps allow for the system to operate flawlessly on the customer’s premises”, summarizes Grzegorz Szpila, Project Engineer in Tire Business Unit.


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Transsystem specializes in designing and manufacturing material handling systems suited to the needs of its customers. The company has gained experience by implementing projects in many countries, in the vast majority of tire and car factories around the world as well as other industrial sectors.


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