Floor handling systems

Skids and bins handling system
The skid system is composed of transporting conveyor, and means of transport for the products in the form of skid, pallets or bins. They are widely used in the automotive industry – e.g. car bodies, engines and transmissions are transported in this way. Such systems provide quiet, reliable and flexible operation.

They are characterized by small maintenance costs, high flexibility and compatibility with other types of transportation, storage, production and assembly. Systems can work in high working cycle, their modular design allows for easy expansion of the system.

Technical specification:

  • Transported weight up to 5 000 kg
  • Transport speed of 0 – 120 m / min
  • The angle of ascent, descent 30 degrees
  • Movement in various directions: front, back, to the side
  • Operates in dry and wet environment
  • Reduced noise level through the use of a plastic and rubber chain

Sliding platforms system

The system is predisposed particularly to assembly. It consists of a line of sliding platforms with the lift table, on which there is the object that is being assembled, which ensures ergonomic working height. Platforms are moved in a continuous loop or in line with assembly process. The assembly area follows the direction of movement, the empty platforms return in the opposite direction. The concurrent transport of assembly workers is also possible.

It is also possible to include lift tables on platforms in the system at any time, to achieve ergonomic height.

Technical specification

  • Wide range of applications
  • Transported weight up to 4 000 kg
  • Transport speed of 0 – 120 m / min
  • The slope up to 5 degrees
  • High adjustability to different systems of transportation, storage and production.

System devices

Transsystem produces components in own modern production departments. This allows for individual adaptation to specific customer requirements, while ensuring top quality and acceptable price.